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Service Department profile:
SShenzhen Alida Optoelectronics Co., Limited.customer service center was established in 2010, is responsible for all the company's products in the pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service. Customer service center to establish a sound service system, and by a strong, well-trained, skilled service team. Our customer service center is composed of more than a dozen skilled, experienced technical support engineers, the overall responsibility for the work of the global technical support. Customer service center is continuing to improve the level of service and quality, the greatest degree of guarantee to provide customers with a strong material guarantee. In order to meet customer demand, the company has set up four maintenance offices in Shanghai, Shenyang, Xi'an and Shenzhen in China, in order to ensure the timely arrival of the project site within 24 hours.

Service content:
Pre sales: the formulation of product technical scheme, site survey, program determination
Sales: steel structure production guidance, display installation guide, product training
Customer service, customer care, customer care, remote phone support, customer complaint handling

Convention on after sales service:
Courtesy reception every customer, patience to listen to the views of users, to eliminate concerns.
Service personnel should be unified with the door service, wear work card, tool kit, civilization construction.
It is strictly prohibited to ask for or receive any gift fee from the customer.
Home service should pay attention to the customer should not be damaged goods, services should be checked after the trial, cleaning and recovery site.
After the completion of the service maintenance staff to check, strict checks to ensure the quality of maintenance, within the quality warranty period, the customer according to the normal operation and routine maintenance of the quality problem free repair.
Site maintenance conditions permit, you can give customers a two training to meet customer needs.
After the service is finished, the customer is put forward in the installation and maintenance record form for the relevant evaluation and advice on the quality of our products and engineers.

Customer Service Center:

After sales contact phone:+86-18516171466

Service concept:
Users as the center, service as the fundamental. And there will be a need to answer, and there will be a complaint.

Service target:
Want users to think, anxious users, in order to meet customer demand for the first goal.

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