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LED advertising machine
  • LED advertising machine
  • LED advertising machine
  • LED advertising machine
  • Features:

    The appearance of noble and elegant, exquisite workmanship, size precision, material stability and tolerance. Aluminum frame with brushed oxide surface treatment, a strong metallic texture, and quickly enhance the quality of your product, ultra-thin cabinet design in line with the development trend of the industry, both to save space and stylish and refined. Panel for high-quality tempered glass to bring you a clear visual effect and play an effective security precautions. Suitable for all kinds of advertising media ...


    Panel tempered glass, tempered glass surface with protective layer, the frame is aluminum, cold-rolled steel plate back cover

    High-strength all-metal materials, not only delicate structure in place, and solid and reliable!

    Appearance Description:

    Aluminum frame, all metal material.

    Material: tempered glass panel, aluminum frame, cold-rolled steel sheet metal back cover, mounting plate / lock screen for galvanized sheet

    product description:

    1 The appearance of this product is simple and beautiful, durable, high precision mold, high-definition, ultra-thin fashion, suitable for

    2. Do not need special installation, no wiring, do not destroy the housing structure.

    3 support format: picture: JPG, music: MP3 video: VCD, DVD, AVI, VOB, MPEG-1/2/4 and other formats. Support media type CF / SD, U disk, USB, can be ourphpd via USB.

    4 machine built-in speaker, loop video advertising, with power off memory function, play pictures can be set to background music, picture playback time and out of the screen mode adjustable, OSD menu display.

    5 function control operation is simple. Just plug in the memory card, turn on the power, you can use;

    6 super time setting function, can support multiple timer switch machine, no need to hand on duty; remote control settings, easy to operate and improve confidentiality;

    7. Double security, equipped with lock protection, to prevent the theft of multimedia cards and file content leakage;

    8. Can be connected to the network, to achieve media files in the network transmission and playback (optional)

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