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960*960 die-cast aluminum housing
  • 960*960 die-cast aluminum housing
  • 960*960 die-cast aluminum housing
  • P6 outdoor 960x960 die-cast aluminum box (outdoor)
    Series Parameter
    Model PH6
    Pixel Pitch(mm) 6
    Physical Density(dot/) 27777
    LED Configuration 1RGB
    LED Type SMD3535
    Moduel Size(mmxmm) 192*192
    Moduel Resolution(PXxPX) 32x32
    Moduel Power Consumption(w) 38
    Scanning Mode 1/8S
    Horizontal Viewing Angle(Deg) 140
    Vertical Viewing Angle(Deg) 120
    White LED Brightness(cd/) 5000-5500
    Gray Scale 16bit
    Refresh Rate(HZ) >1920
    Cabinet Resolution(PXxPX) 160x160
    Cabinet Max Power Consumption(w) 680
    Cabinet Average Power Consumption(w) 340
    Cabinet Size(mmxmm) 960x960
    Cabinet Weight(Kg) 33
    Cabinet Thickness(mm) 105
    Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum
    Dirve Mode Constant Current Drive
    Color(M) >16.7
    Input Voltage(V) AC110V-220V+/-10%
    Refresh Frame Frequency(HZ) 50-60
    Protection Level IP65
    Working Environment Outdoor
    Working Temperatue() —40  65
    Storage Huourphpity(RH) 20%-50%
    Lifi Span (H) 100000

    Box features
    1. Ultra-light one case weight is 40% lighter than die-cast aluminum case, which greatly saves cost
    2, ultra-thin one due to the high strength of magnesium alloy, in the design can be thinner than aluminum, thin about 30%
    3, heat dissipation, a good heat dissipation performance, effective protection of the module circuit
    4, anti-interference, a special anti-electromagnetic interference function
    5, high strength, a box body tensile test reaches 300kg, stronger than aluminum
    6, the installation is fast and a special fast lock, the installation takes only 20 seconds
    7. High precision, one box is processed by CNC, the precision is higher, and it can be seamlessly spliced.
    8, versatile strong one can install any kit hole processing, indoor and outdoor universal
    9, cost-effective one has a complete production supply chain for large-scale production

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